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Welcome to the webpage of CRS Riedlsperger

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We are a local Austrian CRO providing services in clinical research and in academic research with focus on clinical studies phase I-IV.
More detailed information regarding our services is provided in the section  Services.

Our News

Freelance Workers in Clinical Research

Because of several factors during the last few years, the gap between the necessity of qualified personnel in clinical research on one hand and between the reduction of employees on the other hand, got bigger. The most important factors influencing this scenario were demographic factors, mergers of big companies and staff savings. The times where…

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Placebo Effect

A placebo even effects when the patient knows that he has been given medication without any substance. This was shown by researchers of the Harvard Medical School in Boston now. Pain and discomfort of 80 patients with irritable bowel syndrome was improving, although they knew that they have been given medication without substance. This finding…

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The size is essential

The mortality rate in the hospital may depend on its size. According to a recent U.S. study, patients who are having a heart attack, a cardiac insufficiency or pneumonia perform better in a large hospital. An international research team from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York published a study in the New…

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Data Safety Monitoring Board- independent board for patient safety

Should a complex clinical trial be stopped, i.e. due to the accumulation of unexpected serious adverse reactions, or even missing or surpassing effectivity of the medicine? These are some of the questions the Data Safety Monitoring Board, shortly known as DSMB or DCM (Data Monitoring Committee) has to decide upon. The institution of a DSMB…

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Gender medicine- an option for physicians and pharmacists

Looking at the research results of recent years it has become obvious that there must be a reorientation in health services regarding a gender specific care. In order to improve safety of medication gender medicine demands for a differentiated diagnosis and therapy and a correspondingly effective health care for both, men and women. Not only…

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